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MissingandUnsolved.com was created using a collection of public information from local, city, county and state level social media announcements.  We strive to bring all information from various sources to make this website the most up-to-date list of new missing people to bring additional awareness to their disappearance.

Our website also features past missing person cases that are classified as cold cases and still unsolved.

This website is still continuing to collect data for some states.  Please bookmark this site and check back often.

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The #Minneapolis, #Minnesota #AMBERAlert has been cancelled. missingkids.org/amber ... See MoreSee Less

19 hours ago

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Good work MPLPD and witnesses that gave detailed info. Just saw the press breifing!!! Glad that baby boy is safe and in the arms of his mom.

Is it possible to send a cancellation for the amber alert? They come across on my phone and if I hadn't looked it up on Facebook, I would still think that someone is missing. Glad that everyone is safe.

**UPDATE: The child has been found, but suspects are still at large. Read More: Amber Alert Issued This Morning From Minneapolis | kkcb.com/amber-alert-issued-this-morning-from-minneapolis/?trackback=tsmclip

Fantastic. I sure hope that sweet baby and mother are ok.

Please send updated text msg when there is a cancellation. Thank you!

Why does Laura Silsby a convicted child trafficker work for you?

Praise the Lord the little boy was found.

Glad that they have been found

Please read my Facebook page and contact Colleen Nick

Thank you Lord!

Watch for the latest on the active #AMBERAlert for Elizabeth Thomas.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
This #Tennessee teenager has been missing for more than a week. Police say her 50-year old teacher abducted her and tonight, the search continues!
Watch this week's #NCMECNow for what we know so far.
... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

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If they had a relationship of some sort i doubt she has been kidnapped. But on the other hand it is morally wrong for a man of that age to persue a child.

I do believe this child went willingly but by now she's realized what she's done and is probably horrified. Dear Lord please bring this child home safely

I agree she went willingly..I disagree with calling this a kidnapping...I do believe he should be arrested as it is disgusting for a 50 year old to have any sort of romantic relationship with a 15 year old....

Dear Lord please help us tonight one of our children is in trouble I pray in jesus name, AMEN.

He was following her on Instagram.... Babygirl2001. Under her photos is his name liking her pictures. But it was planned for her to meet him at shoneys. She willingly went with him. But I don't think she knew he had no plans of bringing her back. I pray she is found safe. He left with two loaded guns so I don't think he plans for himself to come back at all.

Everything points in the direction of her running away with her old man lover. Sad but it happens all the time. Young girls fall for older man runs away from home..Every day..This case shouldnt be receiving this much media attention when clearly real missing children need help...

Ok so if there calling this an amber alert I thought they were world wide meaning all over the US in case they travel to another state I'm in PA and we DID NOT get an alert for this girl WHY IS THAT???????? Also it keeps being put on the news not everyone has cable to be able to see this so why wasn't this put out on everyone's Facebook as an alert????? If a child goes missing social media is where it should be posted ASAP...I shouldn't of had to search for this being that I seen it on the news to share it....JUST A THOUGHT

There is a video of him the day prior shopping in walmart. Why no talk about his shopping experience. If you look closely , you can see he was buying hair dye. Probably to dye his and her hair. Did our incompetent media and law enforcement look right over this clue?

I am praying thay find her, as well as all the black girls that went missing in a very short time in DC that we are not hearing about.

Wondering if this man fits the description of the man who abducted the two teens from Indiana. He had a southern accent as well!

Not to downplay this story but how come this is the only one I ever see in my news feed? Is she the only child missing in the United States right now?

Shared. Mister please do the right thing and bring this girl home to her family.

Come on people and post this there's a girl in need of our help pass it on

Kerry Davis they were spotted this morning in corpus Christi Texas. Official information. He must be stop before crossing the border.

They were spotted in corpus Christi Texas. Please share. He must be stop before crossing the border !!!

God bless and protect this little girl. Prayers that her captor is caught soon and punished accordingly!

And there is video of him buying hair color a few days prior also...

Amber Alert Press conference live on HLN on TV just moment ago, ..regarding Elizabeth Thomas

Wat about the black girls that have been missing in DC? I guess if they black they don't deserve a an alert

Dear Heavenly Father please help us fix this issue, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and through Your Merciful Power Holy Spirit, amen.

You sick sob you were there to help and protect her your a fucking predictor

Just watched a video about her mom. Sounds like mommy dearest prepped her children to fall prey to undesirable people

God I hope they find her very soon n put him in jail for a very long time

And my children say I'm over protective hell ya I am

i pray they find her safe

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The #Delta,#Ohio #AMBERAlert has been cancelled. missingkids.org/amber ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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I am glad he was found, but now the poor little guy has no parents 🙁

I'm happy he was found...but sad that he's an orphan.

Child was found Safe..father in custody.. mother shot died earler.. 🙁

I'm glad he was found but so sad to hear about mother.

I hate these stories. Is there anything happy on fb these days.

Is there a family lined up for him? Anyway to donate items for him???

Glad he's safe. Now poor thing has no parents

Praise God he was found. Prayers. Sad.


the mother who was shot was my neighbors cousin

Awesome news


The #Buffalo, #NewYork #AMBERAlert has been cancelled. missingkids.com/amber ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

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I detest parental custody cases 😢 SO glad she is ok and safe for now. 🙏🏻 for her and her momma that whatever happened can be worked out. SO so sad for a lil one to be taken from momma.

found safe............http://www.wgrz.com/news/local/4-year-old-from-buffalo-missing/421312378

So sad for another motherless baby,this just happens too many times!!!

Hope the kid was found..

Thumbs down

2009 Chevy Traverse white with tinted windows plate: BXD8077 arizona plate. www.facebook.com/MrsMays4life/posts/10155106687833343?qsefr=1

The #ElPaso, #Texas #AMBERAlert has been cancelled. missingkids.com/amber ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

The #YakimaCity, #Washington #AMBERAlert has been cancelled. missingkids.org/amber ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

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Ivette Gil. They found the baby!! 👍👍

Cancelled? Did they find the child?


The #Penasco #NewMexico #AMBERAlert has been cancelled. www.missingkids.org/Amber ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The 15-year-old girl abducted in an armed home invasion Saturday night was found safe in Española Sunday morning, according to the Taos County Sheriff’s Office. www.abqjournal.com/957438/police-issue-amber-alert-for-15-year-old-taos-girl.html

Laura Chavez will you share?

The #Bridgeport #Connecticut #AMBERAlert has been cancelled in CT, NY, NJ, PA, MD, and VA ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

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I never got the amber alert and they ended up crashing after a high speed pursuit on I99 in State College PA where I work. I heard the sirens and saw the emergency vehicles. Glad the little girl was not seriously injured. He was taken into custody.

For some reason I didn't get the Amber alert, I always do. .so happy she is ok, prayers lifted up for strength and comfort for all. .

So glad the child is safe. Maybe someone needs to let the people responsible for the alerts on the tv stations know because they're still airing that she's missing....

Hello, I am a family member who is helping out the Gonzalez-Pinto family. We wanted to know if you can be by any help by sharing our link to our Gofundme page . We are raising money for Alyin's mother, Nidia (Yubi) Gonzalez to send her back to her home country after this horrible tragedy. Her brother is handling the account, his name is Jorge Luis Gonzalez. If you have any questions please email at carlitxx@outlook.com. Thank you so much, and god bless. Carla Gonzalez www.gofundme.com/yubigonzalez

Found in PA. Child safe

Thank you lord I had my eyes PEELED traveling through New York and jersey!

Amen and I pray that little girl didn't see what happened. God bless her.

I didn't get the alert and it was over an hour until we heard about it.

She has been found, why is it still coming across my TV screen?

I emailed the state police in Va. They were forwarding to people responsible for tv alerts.

Thanks God!!!!

Amen thank you jesus


well thats great Im glad she is safe

I'm so thankful.

thank God she is safe

Thank God

Great news.. Except... Mom is still dead. 😓

Amen ♡


The #Gary , #Indiana #AMBERAlert has been cancelled. missingkids.org/amber ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

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Chastinea the girl was found safe, tragically her mother was found murdered www.everipedia.com/chastinea-reeves/ - more info on this Wiki

Thank God she was found. Sorry for the loss of the mother.

mikayla mattei is missing and is a type 1 diabetic in dumfries, va. this needs to be an amber alert

Why would you pray for the child when she killed her mother

This child is in extreme danger and there has not been an alert

Was the person found

Troopers searching for man, two children following rollover crash wchstv.com/news/local/troopers-searching-for-man-two-children-following-rollover-crash

Glad she is safe,sad about the Mom🙏

11 year old girl missing in Hillsborough county in Florida

Relieved! Sorry for her mothers loss 😥😥

Sorry for the loss of the mother 🙁

Sharon Hordes

The #StatenIsland, #NewYork #AMBERAlert has been cancelled. missingkids.org/amber ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

Comment on Facebook

We just had an amber alert on tv but I.couldnt understand it. Please update

Live Safer Today. Learn what cops theach their families to stay safe. Go to BOLOSafety.com to learn more.

praying all is good


Thank God

Thank you

Thank you lord 😊

Praise the lord


Sally Funk

Cocoa police search for missing girl wearing Hello Kitty T-shirt goo.gl/tqozoC breaking out of FL

Missing Cocoa girl found safe goo.gl/tqozoC

The #Conway #Arkansas #AMBERAlert has been cancelled. missingkids.org/amber ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

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Thank God for answered prayers

Thank You Jesus

Breaking Missing Child Alert for 2-Year-Old Boy From Fort Lauderdale www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/Missing-Child-Alert-for-2-Year-Old-Boy-From-Fort-Lauderdale-413057503... breaking out of Florida as we speak

So thankful to God.

Thank you lord!!!😃✝💪🏾


Darren Minor

The #Columbus, #Ohio #AMBERAlert has been cancelled. missingkids.org/amber ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

Comment on Facebook

Hello my name is Mr. Christopher Sims.I need an alert to contact the correct news tip staff for my news tip.Thank you.

From what I understand it was a false report. The mother said her daughter was in the car when it was stolen. She only did this to find her car.

thank God


prayers answered in a positive way I hope 🙂

Thank you lord Jesus for answering prayers!!!✝💕🙏

Did they find her

Prayers this baby is home safe

#Alpharetta, #Georgia #AMBERAlert has been cancelled. missingkids.org/amber ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

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