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MissingandUnsolved.com was created using a collection of public information from local, city, county and state level social media announcements. Our website also features past missing person cases that are classified as cold cases and still unsolved. We strive to bring all information from various sources to make this website the most up-to-date list of new missing people to bring additional awareness to their disappearance.

This website is still continuing to collect data for some states.  Please bookmark this site and check back often.

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National #AMBERAlert Awareness Day

Thank you to everyone at Facebook who has helped bring and maintain the AMBER Alert notifications and thank you to our 500,000+ followers. 7 years of helping to find #missing children.

It’s National AMBER Alert awareness day. AMBER alerts harness the power of communities to quickly find missing children. We are honored to support this amazing system on Facebook.
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4 days ago


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Wow tbe girl who got kidnapped and murdered by the stranger and did they find the guy who killed the nine year old girl who was way too young to die

That is awesome now we need to air on TVs

AMBER Alert shared Colorado Bureau of Investigation's post.

#RECOVEREDWe are so humbled by the amount of views and shares associated with this AMBER alert. We are very happy to report that the girls have been located and are safe. The suspect has been taken into custody. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago



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That poor Lulu girl....her sadness bothers me....

I wonder where they found them what state i meant and thank you jesus

Yes Thank God !!! Prayers to these young ladies in the loss of their Mom . I pray Justiceis handed down to this trash quick . Whats his connection to their Mom or these girls anyways ?? Why he kill their Mom ??

Thank you Lord.Jesus for their safe return. Please give Tim healing and peace.

Thank You Lord as well as everyone who helped with this case.

Maybe some people have bad experiences that they went thru wondering where is God? Not only is it loving to pray for those who are victims. But we are praying for those special people who helped find them. So Thank you for mentioning the people who did the work. Those people who have been victims might risk their life daily to right the wrongs done to them or anyone. I undertstand. You see we were and are so concerned. That I asked God to send his Angels. Maybe that Angel had been any of us. Thats why I thank God. For the victim.

Pleas tell me they found them alive and well

Thank you Lord for letting them return home safely! Gods good

Thank God they were found safe and sound. And their abductor also is in custody. Will keep the girls in my prayers

Praise God!!! & All the help from the Colorado Police/Detectives💗.. Can't believe their Mom gone. So so happy they are found!!💗💗 Now the healing starts..poor littles 😍😢..I truly wish there was a law that it's death instantly when you harm a child or take them..But I know what God said about if you harm one of these little ones. So I let that up to HIM 💗.. THANK YOU GOD!

Thank God for guiding those searching to the right location so these girls would be found.

They are going to need help with all of this... Poor little Kids... grateful they were found alive. If this community can help with anything please let us know. They have our thoughts and prayers..

Thank God! Praying healing and blessings 💛💛

Thank God they are safe!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who helped!!!

So happy for them but I thought he killed their Mother I pray if he did they did not see him do that

Thank God !! No telling what them poor babies had to endure with that mounster ...will pay for them

Thank God! Great work by all on the case!

Yes seeing this makes me so happy i have been so worried that something horrible was going to happen to them i hope he didn't hurt them physically or molest them they have enough to deal with as it is with the loss of their mother and being kidnapped i hope that they have family that will take them in and take care of them and get them the mental health help that they are probably going to need after this thanks to all of the law enforcement that was involved in finding these girls and arresting the puke who did it and thanks to all of the public for sharing the Amber alert all over the us im sure that helped in finding them i hope that the evil man rots in jail and has a miserable life for the rest of his life i hope he gets the death penalty he will also have to answer to God when he dies thank God that they are alive and safe

Oh thank God and everyone that shared this and authorities

Thank God they were found

I shared in TN ... I am sooooo glad these angels were found. I have 2 girls ( about to have a 3rd one) and I would go crazy if something like this happen to them. 😢

Oh yay!! So glad they are safe....a long lonely road ahead of them...Blessings to them and their loved one's for this terrible crime.

Thank you Jesus! Thank you also to all who helped bring these girls home safe. Continued prayers for the girls. So sorry for their loss.

Thank God! 🙏🏻❤️ Prayers for the girls dealing with the loss of their momma and anything else they experienced with this monster.

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The #Gallup, #NewMexico #AMBERAlert has been cancelled. www.missingkids.org/amber ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago


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Eric J. Robbins this is what they post.

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