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Latest Missing Person Alerts:

AMBER Alert shared National Center for Missing & Exploited Children's post.

JAYME CLOSS FOUND SAFE!! πŸ’›We are overjoyed by the news that 13–year-old Jayme Closs from Barron, Wisconsin, has been located alive after nearly 3 months. We applaud the Barron County Sheriff's Department and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department and all of the investigating agencies involved for their exhaustive efforts to bring her home. Jayme is an example of why we never lose hope and never stop searching. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children stands with all of Barron, Wisconsin as they begin to move forward and heal. ... See MoreSee Less

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I screamed in my pillow!!!!!!!!!!! I am so damn happy right now....... Jayme is alive and safe!!!!!!!!! I can only pray that she is physically okay and healthy and that she is being medically and emotionally treated by the best doctors.... She has been kept captive for three months and there is no telling what she endured...... One of many things is for certain, she will never be the same again....... I pray she will have the best support system available......

Now may the hard work of her recovery. And future court case. I pray she will be renewed in her mind. That she will feel safe and loved.

Thank God she was found safe! It's still so tragic what happened to her family, but I'm glad she's safe.

News conference tomorrow morning at 10:00 am WI time state tune for more update on this amazing story!!!!

Thank you all who helped get this child home. Prayers to her and the family

So awesome. Thank God!

Thank God.

Thanks be to God !

Thank God !

Thank you God!

I’m so happy

So happy!! This is why amber alerts are active on my phone ❀️❀️

Wonderful news!

yaaaay great NEWS!!

Praise God !!!

YAYAYAYAY! That's great news!

Way to go Jayme!

Praise God! God bless law enforcement!

Halleluyah! I was thinking of & praying for her last night through the morning again! Oh, this is wonderful! Thank you to those involved!

Praise God. I pray for healing for all involved

Ocoee police looking for 2-year-old child in back seat of stolen vehicle https://www.clickorlando.com/news/child-in-backseat-of-carjacked-vehicle-ocoee-police-say OcoeeFloridaAmberAlert

Thank you God! Now find out what exactly happened.

❀️ awesome news prayers for her recovery

So glad she as been found safe and well xx

She looks a lot older than 13!!

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#VillePlatte #Louisiana #AMBERAlert. For most current information, go to www.missingkids.org/poster/AMBER/30207/11123/screen ... See MoreSee Less

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Found safe

Didn’t understand one word that just came over our Comcast cable. Was squeaky and distorted. I wish they had shown the text so we’d know what the man said.

found safe

Jeffrey Veillon

There is no information or images on my link

Shared in Walker La

Shared in Plano TX

Shared in Bayou Vista LA

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The #Rockwood, #Tennessee #AMBERAlert has been cancelled. ... See MoreSee Less

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Found safe: https://www.newschannel5.com/news/amber-alert-issued-for-haley-brandenburg

AMBER Alert...As usual, I never received the initial alert.

Found safe!

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