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Iowa Emergency Network or IEN. Share these posts to help locate The Missing shared Quad Cities Missing Persons Network's post.
Iowa Emergency Network or IEN. Share these posts to help locate The Missing

Malachi Duarte has been located and was picked up by his family this evening! ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Malachi Duarte has been located and was picked up by his family this evening! ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Malachi Duarte has been located and was picked up by his family this evening!


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Please everyone I asked that you ignore these comments that are saying that this is fake. I am his sister and I can assure you that this is not fake. Our family is already going through enough right now and it is pathetic that anyone is trying to make up these lies and say that he's not missing to try to help protect wherever it is that he is hiding. He is a minor, he is 16 years old. He told my mom that he was going to play basketball and never came home. He is 100% missing no one knows where he is and he is not returning anyone's calls, or text.

He has been found everyone!

Thanks everyone for sharing keep him in your prayers this is my sister Grandson

In Spanish (*) *** traducción*** Ayúdenos a encontrar a Malachi Duarte Malachi tiene 16 años, hispano, de 6 pies de altura, 160 libras, cabello y ojos marrones. Salió del área de la 41 calle en Moline, el martes marzo 13, con una bola de Basketball en la mano, a las 6:00 de la tarde. Dijo que iba a jugar basketball. No se fue bajo ninguna circunstancia inusual. Llevaba unos jeans negros y una camiseta de sudadera con gorra negra. Y va a pie. Si tiene más información, por favor contacte a la policía de Moline al 3097970401 o llame al 911. ERB ~ hope it helps Dennis Harker

Please tell me why local TV does not mention this?

Thank You everyone for sharing this post. And to the Quad Cities Missing Persons Network. I appreciate all the prayers and well wishes. My son is home and safe.

Please help us find my brother

Shared Muscatne Iowa..will keep my eyes on this young man!!Praying that he will return home..Amen

Hope he is found soon, prayers 🙏🏽. Shared

Anna, God Bless your family. Prayers and thoughts are with you. 🙏

Prayers are with you and family.

Prayers for a safe return...shared in Alamogordo, New Mexico

Shared in Port Byron Illinois


Shared in East Moline.

Shared in Montpelier Iowa

Has he been found? Well prayers from Cambridge Minnesota

That sounds like a description of someone that was walking to Schadt Park in Silvis, Il

Shared in Bettendorf, Iowa

Shared in east moline


Shared In Bettendorf!

Prayers for a safe return + healthy!


Shared in Davenport prayers he is found and for a safe return!

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Heather Higbee has been located and is OK. Thank you for sharing the post! ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

Heather Higbee has been located and is OK.  Thank you for sharing the post!


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In Spanish (*) Ayúdenos a encontrar a Heather Higbee. Heather es caucásica, mujer de 42 años, mide 5 pies 4 pulgadas. Pesa 220 libras, cabello y ojos marrones. Es un adulto dependiente con una daño cerebral. Fue vista por última vez el lunes 12 de marzo a las 11 de la noche. Iba a pie y estaba vestida de pantalones de sudadera negros y camisa de sudadera negra, gorra/sombrero negro. Si tiene alguna información por favor contacte al centro RME al (563)243-0012 o al departamento de policía de Clinton al 563-243-1458. ERB ~ Dennis Harker, hope it helps

Has she been found

She has been found!

She has been located thanks for all of your help

This Post says she's been found and is ok

Shared in Davenport.. Prayers for her safe return 🙏😇

Shared in Davenport. Prayers she is found and safe return.

Praying for her safe return Also shared in Davenport

Praying she is found safe.

Shared in Reynolds Illinois hope they find her

Shared, sending prayers she is found

Shared on several Iowa sites

Praying she is found soon and safe!

Shared in Clinton,Iowa

Shared in Aledo IL. Prayers she's found safe

Shared in Carbon Cliff/Silvis area

Praying she is found safe.

Shared prayers

Shared in Davenport

Shared in Clinton'

Missing in Clinton?

Shared in Clinton.



Please share!!!

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Missing person.

Brian Rooney age 43, missing from Dubuque IA. since 3/5/18. Any information please call 563.213.9927 or Dubuque Police Department 563-589-4415.
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1 week ago

Thanks to tips from one of our followers, Zoe has been found. Thank you for all you do! ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Thanks to tips from one of our followers, Zoe has been found.  Thank you for all you do!


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Where's the photo from? Who took it?

Glad she is found!

Zoe.. please call home. We love you and are worried about you

She's been found


Praying she is found soon!

Iowa Emergency Network or IEN. Share these posts to help locate The Missing shared Quad Cities Missing Persons Network's post.
Iowa Emergency Network or IEN. Share these posts to help locate The Missing

Still MissingZoe has once again ran away. ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Still Missing

Zoe has once again ran away. ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Zoe has once again ran away.


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You ever think there's a reason she ran away maybe better off on her own

I am her adopted sister. It would be nice if people would keep their comments to them selves if they aren’t nice. I understand that this is a free world but you don’t know what she hasnhad to go through in her life and the help that we have tried to get for her. A brief back story my parents took her and her three younger siblings in when their biological mother gotten into some trouble and was not able to care for them. Zoe has seen and been through some bad things however my mom and dad (my family) have tried to get her all the assistance that is out there to help her try to get through her issues, work on things and also to try to help her get the skills to be able to get a job and live on her own at some point. She has several mental health conditions and with her being on the run she is not able to get the medication that she needs. She is not safe out there with strangers because their are so many sick people out there and she is not capable of making the right decisions because her mentally is about the age of a 5 year old so no she is not able to make the right decisions. Yes she is in a facility now but that is the only place that she can be at this point. She doesn’t get her way and told no for an example she lashes out on everyone around and she has harmed herself and other people in my family including her younger siblings. Sounds we have tried to get her help and keep her safe however things just don’t happen that way. So yes we appreciate all the positive vibes, posts and shared it is greatly appreciated. We hope to have her home and safe soon.

Thank you everyone!!!! I am her older sister! We appreciate EVERY SHARE!

A child that has driven her family to hell and back and has serious mental health issues and can’t make safe choices no food no money no cloths no ID on her no clothes no medication shall I keep going

******** update*********** She ran again!!! If anyone sees her please contact your local police ASAP!!!!! Also comment on here if you find her!


folks if you don't have something nice to say please keep your mouth shut. The last thing this family needs at the moment is your crap

Zoe Come home People are waiting to help you! Whatever is pulling you away can be fixed. There are a lot of bad people with bad intentions out there on the street. Whatever it is you're running from can be fixed. You're not alone

This is Zoe

All I can say us hope she us found soon. As a grandmother of a grandson who was in group homes for 9 years they aren't the nicest places but I will tell you my grandson is a completely different person now.He is back home and about to graduate high school. Without the help of those group homes he waa not able to live at home. So hurry home safe and sound

This sounds like a very sad situation and my heart goes out to all her loved ones I sure hope she will be found and safe.

I just wanted to say to the people that have negative to say you have no Humanity it's shameful

In my prayers. In Jesus name please guide her back to her family. From Dubuque Iowa

I was in a group home and I ran away to. U don't know what it is like to be locked up in one of those places. All I pray is that she is happy and safe and free

Zoe: it gets better lean on your family don’t run from them. Zoe’s family/friends I hope she comes home soon and safely. I know it’s hard, best of luck and prayers for you guys. If you don’t hear it enough thank you for caring about her, I’m sure she appreciates it regardless if she says it or not.

Kaitelyn Smith Do not defend yourself to idiots! Prayers to the whole family!

Shared in North Buena Vista.

Shared Davenport Iowa please go back Zoe, good luck and god bless

shared West end of Davenport Iowa

I hope she comes back to you!

Prayers that Zoe is found safe! Sharing.


Shared in East Moline, and to QCPIFN

Shared in Sandwich Illinois Zoe you are loved

Shared in Dubuque.

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The Poweshiek County Sheriff's Office is attempting to locate Michael Travis Ferguson, age 29 of Grinnell. Ferguson has active arrest warrants for Forgery (D Felony) x2 and Theft 3rd (agg. Misdemeanor) x2. Ferguson is also a registered sex offender and is noncompliant with his registration. Please Contact the Poweshiek County Sheriff's Office 641-623-5679 if you have any information regarding Ferguson's whereabouts.

*** A Criminal Charge is merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty***
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3 weeks ago

Anyone with any information!!!FROM THE MONTICELLO POLICE DEPARTMENT: ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Anyone with any information!!!

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Amanda Husmann

Quad Cities Missing Persons Network shared Illinois Lostnmissing's post.
Quad Cities Missing Persons Network

UPDATE: Has been found safe!#CRITICAL #MISSING:
Alexandra Burmood
NCMEC: 1318999
Missing Since: Jan 21, 2018
Missing From: #Galesburg, #IL
Age Now: 16

**PLEASE CONTACT: 1-800-843-5678 or The Galesburg Police Department (Illinois) 1-309-343-9151
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1 month ago

UPDATE: Has been found safe!


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Where did you see that she has been found?

Says she has been found

Thank you god!

Locate The Missing was in City of Mankato, Minnesota Government.
Locate The Missing

Locate The Missing Update: Recently missing person Morgan Stolee has been located unharmed. She was reunited with family. At 8:45 p.m. last evening, police from the Mankato Department of Public Safety were contacted by police from West Des Moines, Iowa who had located Stolee. She was with two friends and all were safe and in no danger.

Police thank anyone who provided information to assist in locating the missing person. www.mankatomn.gov/Home/Components/News/News/5496/107
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4 weeks ago


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Update: An agency in California ran the car's plates Feb. 15, 2018.

Why isn't there a missing flyer for Trevor? Shouldn't we be concerned for both young adults 🙁

Trevor is from my home town! And has a warrant for his arrest prior to all this.. maybe there on the run together?

Hasn't anyone tried calling her

Shared in MN

Shared in Mankato MN

Shared in Northern Minnesota

This is my best friends sister thanks to everyone who has shared!

Shared back in Mankato Minnesota

she is so beautiful I am praying for her to be found in shared in Elk river Mn.

Shared in Eagle Lake MN

Shared in southern Minnesota

Shared from Elk River MN.

My prayers are with her.

Shared in Pine River, MN

Doris Teel Tessa Haff she's I n ur neck of the woods on the west coast wanna keep an eye out!

Prayers <3 Shared in MN

Shared in Apple valley Mn

Shared in Wisconsin

Shared in South Dakota

Shared in Owatonna, MN

Shared in central Minnesota.

Praying there found safe

Shared in Big Lake Mn

Shared in South Dakota

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