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3 days ago

My grandson Dakota Skahan is missing. He has a mental illness that requires him to take medication. He is 20 years old. We know he's in Portland Oregon. Please if anyone sees him please call your city or county police immediately Thank you. He has a very loving and caring family We are very worried about him ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Thank you



Judy Parker is still missing 🙁111 days today since my mom vanished. One hundred and eleven.

I came to Springfield tonight to pick something up and until I was here I didn't realize I was right in the neighborhood where my mom was last caught on video walking. My whole body is numb. I drove past the foster home she was in. Gritting my teeth. On auto pilot. When i got to Q st I had to consciously tell my brain to make my foot press the gas pedal. Unable to pull into Fred Meyer I slowly crawled way under the speed limit and just turned into dairy Mart and parked. Here I sit writing this wondering where my mom is. Half heartedly observing all the people bustling about. My mind is only focused on things/people that resemble my mom. None have since I've been sitting here for the last 10 or so minutes. There's a knot in my stomach the size of a basketball. My brain keeps flipping thru thousands and thousands of thoughts, scenarios, possibilities. None helpful. Nothing is more overwhelming than trying to find a needle in a haystack the size of Texas. The one thing that makes this so incredibly impossible is the 7 days my mom was left alone walking in a town she does not know, in weather that she would not have known to dress for. She intended to return to the home that much I know just by looking at her belongings I retrieved from her room. What happened to her that she didn't return? With the previous times she was picked up and returned to the home why this last time did she not get picked up and returned? Her behavior didn't change, someone would have noticed and been concerned enough to call for someone to help her just like all the other times. How far did she get? Someone knows something. I have never felt so helpless in my entire life. My mother dedicated her whole life to helping people, she was a registered nurse, a compassionate, caring, dedicated nurse for over 30 yrs of her life. She has always been someone who would help anyone. A heart so big nobody could compare. Now in the midst of this unthinkable event I can't help her. I have no more words to describe the impact.

So I ask each and every single person who reads this:

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5 days ago

Judy Parker is still missing :(

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I pray she will be found safe... This is so heartbreaking - I totally understand the frustration - God bless you

I'll keep my eyes open !!

Sure hope that she is found safe. It might not hurt to do some investigating on that care facility that she was in. If she were an independent woman, being dependent and dealing with people may have been too much for her do deal with. Hope she is safe and warm where ever she is.

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1 week ago

Hillsboro - Still Missing 🙁Still searching for my cousin Donnie Askey. Donnie has been missing since January 2015. I know someone out there knows something or has seen him. Donnie was last seen in the Hillsboro area. Please help us bring Donnie home. Donnie I will never stop searching for you. ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Hillsboro - Still Missing :(

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There's a guy that looks like him at the jiffy lube on Lancaster in Salem

What does the tattoo on his neck say?

Praying for Donnie and his family.

Shared klamath falls oregon. Good vibes sent and hope he is foumd well

Any marks or tattoos


Can you please help us circulate this flyer - especially the I-5 corridor and up through Washington State?

A local teen, neighbor of our Founder, is missing and not a runaway.

Thank you!
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1 week ago

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Car has been found. Deceased male occupant inside. No more details given. Prayers to this young man's family.

***UPDATE 04/17/17***
CGPD wants to clear up any confusion surrounding this case. CGPD cannot control what others post on other Facebook pages, and does not have the resources to track down and respond to other Facebook posts. What CGPD can control is what it posted here, on the CGPD Facebook page.

Jayla Horton was reported missing by her family in Wisconsin. Mathew Freeman was reported missing by his family in Texas. Law enforcement in Wisconsin entered Jayla into the missing person database, and law enforcement in Texas entered Mathew.

Jayla's family reported having telephone contact with her over the weekend (4/15-4/16), and she was subsequently removed from the system as a missing person by Wisconsin police. During that phone call, Jayla told family that she and Mathew were in Grants Pass, Oregon, and that he was fine.

Mathew's family, however, still has not heard from him, and he remains in the missing person database.

Based on the CGPD investigation, which has included all legal means of locating Mathew, there is no indication of foul play. It's possible that Mathew and Jayla are living their lives as they choose--a choice that might include not wanting contact with others, for a variety of reasons known only to them. Any number of scenarios are possible; all Mathew's family knows is they haven't been able to reach him.

There is no known threat to the community with regard to this case. There is no reason for CGPD to believe any crime has been committed, nor is there any reason for CGPD to believe Mathew is in any danger. Nonetheless, Mathew's family hasn't heard from him, so Texas police have not removed him from the missing person database.

If you have information on how Mathew may be contacted, or where he may be located, please contact Detective Branstetter at 541-942-9145 ext. 134.


The two people pictured are missing. The male, Mathew Freeman, and female, Jayla Horton, have been traveling from Wisconsin with a couple of companions. The traveling companions reported that they have not seen Mathew and Jayla since Monday evening 4/10/2017 when they were visiting a friend at the CG Hospital. Both Mathew and Jayla’s parents have contacted the Cottage Grove P.D. and Mathew was listed as missing in LEDS/NCIC by a Sheriff’s department in Texas by his mother. Mathew is five foot seven 120 pounds and was last seen wearing dark and light blue striped “Cat in a Hat” onesy pajamas, brown boots, and a dark ball cap. Jayla was is five foot one 110 pounds and was last seen wearing the shirt in this photo, gray sweats, and pink and black Nikes. If anyone sees either person please notify the Cottage Grove Police Department at 541-942-9145.
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1 week ago

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hope they really are ok...

106 days today since my mom has vanished into thin air.

One hundred and six of the longest hardest most agonizing days her family has ever experienced...

We just want to find my mom. That's all. No questions asked. Please help us find her. Please.

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1 week ago

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Keeping your Mother and all of you working to find her in my prayers. (Shared)

Thank you

Wow. So sorry to hear. I remember when I first heard this story. I thought it was crazy then how no one had answers. Praying for you to get answers fast.

Shared here on the coast in Gold Beach ..you just never know who might have info ...I pray she is found soon ..I can't imagine not knowing where my loved one would be .. praying for her and you .

I'll share on my page. I have family in Washington and California.


National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

One month ago today, and still no answers. A student abducted by her former teacher is still MISSING.

WATCH tonight's #NCMECNow
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2 weeks ago

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