Delaware Missing People

Missing People in Delaware

This is an updated list of people missing from in and around Delaware. Missing persons in Delaware are listed below.

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  1. Around 44 years ago I witnessed a Family Member being run over then His body Placed In a trash Compactor at the Delaware Race Park.. In the year of 2003 I reviisted The Race Park & recalled most of the horror…Not One Person since that date has ask me what I Know about Charles Passing…Yet many Adults Must have Known 4 Many Made alot Of effort to return me to the racetrack to recall the regressed memories…I would like for Someone who is Involved In This case to at least Contact Me Re This…I Believe someone From The State Roads Witnessed it To. I remember yellow flashing Lights after He was run over before He small Body was Placed In The Trash Compactor… I would Grately Appreciate Some One To Contact Me For Closure & Healing To At Least Share What I Know, Even If Its Someone from the Delaware Race Park For They Also Went To alot Of Effort For That Regressed Memory 2 Be Brought 2 Light… I May Be Contacted At Thanks 4 Your Time.

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